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Welcome to Beckman Audiology, PLLC.

Since 1994 our reputation for first-class service, knowledge and hearing healthcare has only grown. Our many patients know they will always receive state-of-the-art technology and service that is next-to-none. At Beckman Audiology, PLLC, we realize that hearing loss affects everyone differently. Our highly-trained doctor of audiology strives to find personalized hearing solutions for each individual patient. Our goal is to inform patients regarding all aspects of hearing healthcare and ensure they are completely satisfied with the care they have received. We would love to have the opportunity to help you with your hearing needs. 

American Speech Language Hearing Association

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Dr. Shafer

Dr. Shafer will evaluate your specific listening demands, test you, counsel you regarding the results and recommend solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Many hearing aid users report that they were never taught about their hearing or how to use or maintain their hearing aids fully. At Beckman Audiology, PLLC we take pride in educating and counseling our patients so they are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions and feel confident in their ability to utilize their hearing aids to the fullest. We understand that your hearing loss is like a fingerprint. From selection to fitting to follow-up, Dr. Shafer will work with you to adjust your devices and answer any questions so that they’ll perform to your satisfaction. We want you wearing and enjoying your hearing aids!

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High tech hearing aids

Ready to treat your hearing loss? With an extensive selection of hearing technology, our professionals will find the right devices to fit into your lifestyle, budget and needs! 

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Hearing Evaluations

Did you know hearing loss has been closely linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia? With untreated hearing loss, our brain has to work overtime to fill in all the missing pieces, which comes at a cost to our memory, decision-making, and problem-solving. In order to maintain good brain health, we must identify and treat hearing loss.  

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Start hearing better today

If you or someone you know is living with hearing loss, please contact our office to schedule a Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation with Dr. Shafer today. Rehabilitating your hearing involves hearing better, feeling empowered and helping you and your loved ones minimize the impact hearing loss has on your life. We want you hearing better so that you can continue doing the things you enjoy with the people you love, and ultimately live a fuller, richer and healthier life.

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